King’s Cross Stories


King’s Cross Central General Partnership Limited

The ongoing regeneration of its railway lands, some 67 acres, is restoring its heritage buildings and creating 20 new streets and 10 new squares. It is providing some 4.3 million sq ft of new workspace, 500,000 sq ft of shopping, cafés, bars and restaurants and 200,000 new homes.

But to think of King’s Cross in these terms is too simplistic – destinations are not determined by size alone but their ability to capture our hearts and minds. Cities are made of stories not storeys. King’s Cross has history, almost two thousand years of it – from the warrior Queen Boudicca and her final battle with the legions of Rome to the marshalling yards of the Industrial Revolution.

King’s Cross draws on its history and its heritage, together with the social and urban fabric which surrounds it. It is rich in colour and culturally diverse.

It is a well managed estate, safe and secure, purposely inclusive, not exclusive. It is these elements which support and enhance King’s Cross, making it a destination to which people want to go, where they want to live and want to work. King’s Cross has a story to tell. Every day brings a new chapter. For the past seven years we have enjoyed telling its story through a variety of marketing channels and seeing the development succeed on almost every level.

Back to the future.
King’s Cross has many stories, some well known, some not so well known. So we decided to write a book containing stories from the past, stories about the present and stories of the future. Some 200 pages… back to front.

Drawn from the past.
Coal Drops, Regent’s Canal, the Fish and Coal buildings. Proud survivors of the Industrial Revolution, the blitz and urban decay. Cornerstones of a King’s Cross past – retained, restored and preserved.