The Power of Three



A wheatsheaf has been at the heart of the Grosvenor family crest for more than 600 years. Like the estate itself, it stands for growth, husbandry, regeneration. A trio of corn ears in a circle – inspired by the crest – illustrate the long view, the never-ending story, the nourishing stewardship of centuries.

The power of three runs through all that Grosvenor stands for in business. Strong returns, successful diversification, long-term integrity.

A walk in the park.
The beauty of Grosvenor’s estates in Belgravia and Mayfair was originally meant to be appreciated at carriage pace. Grosvenor’s parks, squares and streets are architectural gems waiting to be rediscovered. These walking guides were beautifully illustrated by Stephen Conlin, one of Britain’s leading illustrators of historic buildings.

The lover’s Knot.
Both the lover’s knot and the estates of the Grosvenor family stretch back into antiquity. In Grosvenor’s case, around 1,000 years. The estate and the knot – used here on a corporate brochure – share simple, reliable qualities: completeness, partnership, strength and stability.

A game of pairs.
Grosvenor’s independence allows it to seek out like-minded, sympathetic partners who share its philosophy. This corporate advertisement showing the age-old game of ‘Pairs’ sums up the triumph of a perfect match.

Growing the brand.
Once a sawmill close by the entrance to the Grosvenor family’s Eaton Estate in Cheshire, the Grosvenor Garden Centre has grown to become one of the North West’s most successful horticultural outlets. It is renowned for its quality botanical supplies and lifestyle products, expert knowledge and advice.

In its magnificent setting, it is definitely haughty-culture.